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two-factor authentication

Passwords are no longer enough to protect against hackers. Two-factor authentication is no longer an optional feature. This extra layer of security can dramatically reduce the risk of getting hacked.

With MePIN, all the complexity of 2-factor verification is hidden from the end users. Instead of typing extra one-time-passcodes, with MePIN the login verification can be just a simple tap, swipe, PIN entry or a fingerprint scan in an app on a mobile device. See Dynamic authentication policies and Offline and fallback options for more information.

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Fast and reliable

The MePIN 2-factor login verification uses user’s personal Internet connection (wifi or cellular), making login fast and smooth. For legacy users and in case the user’s device is offline, MePIN provides several optional offline and fallback solutions. See Offline and fallback options for more information.

Technical overview

Each MePIN app instance has its own private key. Each login verification event is cryptographically verified with a digitally signed challenge-response process. MePIN does not need the user’s phone number, the MePIN app is linked with the user accounts using a simple Access Code based process. See MePIN technology overview for more information.

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