Two-factor authentication
– Fast. Mobile. Secure.

Passwords are copied, hacked and cracked. MePIN is a universal
strong authentication solution for online services – authorize logins
and transactions with an App, Biometrics, FIDO Key or SMS.


MePIN is a strong authentication
solution – authorize log-ins and
transactions with an App,
Biometrics, FIDO Key or SMS.

MePIN is a member of FIDO Alliance

Meontrust Inc is committed to future proof, consumer friendly authentication

MePIN is a MasterCard Start Path company

Working to make online payments safer and faster with smooth 3-D Secure authentication

Bitalo protects Bitcoins - MePIN protects Bitalo

Smooth 2-factor authentication for highly secure multi-signature Bitcoin transactions and trading

One API – Universal authentication

MePIN is a mobile app authenticator and a universal authentication service, providing compliance and strong security with exceptional user experience. Use MePIN as a service, or deploy it on-premise as a white label strong authentication platform.

MePIN supports two-factor authentication, passwordless login, digital signatures, biometrics, FIDO and legacy one time passcodes; choose your authentication methods and policies, or offer them all for the end-users to choose. Integration is easy with the unified MePIN Services API.

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Pay as you go

Account and transaction security without upfront investments. Pay as you go, scale up as you need.

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Better business

Keep security simple and efficient. No extra dongles, no wasted time. Improve your business with ease.

Not just any 2FA

Optimized for smartphone users, works with FIDO, SMS, offline as well. Utilize how you see fit.

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