Banking grade security
without transaction fees

MePIN pricing is based on active users and an annual support fee. Both of them vary and depend on the level of service and features needed. We do not charge transaction fees. Instead; we want our customers to use the technology as often as they wish and have the need to authenticate users, without having to deal with additional costs.

The default MePIN app is available and free to download both from the App Store and Google Play. A custom, customer branded app can also be provided, or the MePIN SDK can be integrated into an existing app.

Please answer the below questions to get a simple and fast pricing estimate for a solution fitting your needs.

In which industry does your company operate?
Financial Services (banking, payments, accounting,...)Telecom Services (mobile identity, Mobile Connect,...)E-commerce (online retail, gaming,...)Enterprise (intranet, extranet,...)Other

How many customers do you have?
under 1 000over 1 000over 10 000over 100 000over 1 000 000

Which app solution are you looking for?
Default MePIN appA customer branded appMePIN Library to embed into your app

Do you want to add face recognition?

Are you interested in one (or more) of the following?
PSD2 complianceFIDO standards supportMobile ConnectDigital signing of documents

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