MePIN introduces new biometric extensions for Card Not Present payment fraud protection

February 13, 2017

San Francisco, RSA Conference and Helsinki, Feb 13th 2017. MePIN / Meontrust Inc, the forerunner in Strong Customer Authentication user experience, introduced additional biometric authentication options to it’s MePIN Universal Authentication platform. The new authentication policies, Human Recognition and User Recognition, are especially designed for online payment fraud protection and can be used together with more traditional authentication methods such as PIN codes and fingerprint recognition.

With the increased requirements for strong customer authentication and proof of transactions, payment card issuers, online wallet providers and merchants will meet emerging challenges in compliance and authentication. During Card Not Present (CNP) transactions, passwords, SMS codes or even TouchID fingerprint recognition cannot always fully prove that the actual card holder is authenticated, not to mention that non-repudiation is guaranteed.

The new MePIN biometric policies can be used as an additional protection in risk based authentication to increase security during high risk transactions. They extend the existing MePIN Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based non-repudiation without compromising the user experience.

The Human Recognition option includes liveness detection and enables a payment or authentication app to recognize a human user during a transaction, and optionally record a snapshot photo or video of the user. A human face is seamlessly recognized during a PIN or fingerprint entry, without requiring additional steps from the user. With the optionally saved photo the merchant or payment provider has additional proof of the user for potential payment disputes and fraud investigations.

The User Recognition experience is similarly frictionless. During a transaction the app makes sure that only the registered user is allowed to authorize a payment. It does this by comparing the live visual footage to pre-provisioned face biometrics of the user.

“Card not present fraud has not been solved with the current clumsy authentication solutions. MePIN provides non-repudiation for transactions while minimizing the friction of authentication.” says Markku Mehtälä, CEO, MePIN / Meontrust Inc, and continues “Consumer privacy must not be forgotten either. Face recognition must be used wisely”.

The MePIN biometric solution comes as an SDK which payment card issuers or payment service providers can integrate into their existing Mobile apps or use as a template to launch new payment security apps. The MePIN server provides an easy API for integrating the solution into existing 3-D Secure Access Control Servers and other payment processing systems.

You can meet MePIN next at the RSA conference 2017 in San Francisco on February 13 – 17. To set up a meeting, contact

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