MePIN at Money 20/20 Europe: PSD2 among the main payments trends

July 6, 2017

Money 20/20 Europe, 26 – 28 June, Copenhagen.

Over 11 000 industry members participated into the “world’s largest payment & financial services innovation event”, Money 20/20 Europe. After a slowish start, the event kicked off and a lot of interest was shown towards modern authentication, especially towards solutions that are compliant with PSD2 SCA requirements. From the video below you can see what the event looked like from our perspective.

“Very exciting times to be on payments”

During our visit to the expo, we asked a few payment industry experts their thoughts on the latest and most significant trends in payments. They shared their views about trends as well as about PSD2 and strong customer authentication. You can take a look at their thoughts on the video below.

Thank you all for stopping by at our stand and a special thanks to the industry experts for sharing their thoughts. See you soon!

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