Secure and convenient e-banking
access and transactions

Secure and convenient
e-banking access
and transactions

E-banking should be convenient and secure. MePIN is a modern solution for omni-channel e-banking security. Instead of clumsy hardware dongles or insecure SMS codes, MePIN enables the e-banking users to use their personal device and a banking app as a security token when accessing the banking services on various channels and devices.


In addition to securing the service access, MePIN can be used for payment and other transaction authorization. MePIN shows the user a clear and concise description of the transaction being authorized and allows the service to use various authentication policies, tap, swipe, pin or fingerprint, depending on the transaction being authorized. See Dynamic authentication policies for more information.



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Fast, reliable and flexible

MePIN authentication and authorization uses user’s personal Internet connection (wifi or cellular), making logins and payments fast and smooth. For legacy users, or in case the user’s device is offline, MePIN provides one-time-passcode based fallback solution. See Offline and fallback options for more information.

Technical overview

Each MePIN enabled app has its own secure private key. Each login verification and transaction authorization event is cryptographically verified with a digitally signed challenge-response process accompanied with a local PIN or fingerprint verification when required. MePIN does not need the user’s phone number, the MePIN key can be linked with the user account without any user interaction. See MePIN technology overview for more information.

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