Breakfast seminar: The future of authentication

April 26, 2017

Helsinki, 19 April. A number of professionals from financial, governmental and security sector gathered around to hear the latest updates to the development of regulations and technology of identity and authentication. MePIN organized the breakfast seminar with the help of DLA Piper, Qvik and Ubisecure.

Markku Mehtälä, Founder and CEO of MePIN / Meontrust, started the event by talking about the overall emerging trends in the security and authentication sector. Markus Oksanen, Partner of DLA Piper, continued by going into the technical legal aspects of the latest authentication directives. He compared, for instance, how PSD2 and eIDAS define strong customer authentication.

Matias Pietilä, Head of Design at Qvik, took the stage and gave the listeners an informative overview on how one can turn the registration and authentication of the user from a nuisance into a business advantage. He highlighted the importance of user experience and engagement in authentication.

Markku Mehtälä gave an update on the latest authentication standards and regulations, including PSD2 and eIDAS. He also demonstrated some of the latest authentication options that will replace the legacy methods. He pointed out the massive potential of mobile authentication in identifying users, but also reminded that no one solution fits all use cases. Therefore companies should have options and recognize the ways that a specific user wants to identify herself.

Finally Keith Uber, VP Sales Engineering from Ubisecure talked about the future of the Finnish upcoming legislation in relation to the trust network. For the consumer, the advantage of having a trust network is that the same electronic identifiers can be used for several different services. Electronic service providers would not need to make agreements with multiple identification services; a single identification service provider could handle the agreements for an entire network. Mr. Uber also summarized the demands of the GDPR regulation.

The common view was that strong authentication is gaining popularity, especially when the latest legislations begin to apply. With more demand for stronger security solutions the role of user experience and engagement is expected to become a decisive factor in authentication.

The speakers and the event overall received lots of positive feedback. Thank you all for attending the event!

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