We help online service providers
to protect their services and end users

We help online service
providers to protect
their services and end users

Our offering – Security as a service, or on-premise

MePIN is a modern online user authentication and transaction authorization solution. Whereas legacy two-factor authentication and payment security solutions frustrate users with grueling processes, MePIN works fast. We provide strong customer authentication with a simple touch. The solution can be used to implement universal 2-factor authentication, strong customer authentication for payments, and mobile ID services.

Cyber security with a value add

MePIN / Meontrust Inc is a cyber security company with a mission to change the security industry. The legacy authentication solutions are slow, clumsy and expensive. They were designed for the PC era and have progressed little ever since. MePIN is different – fast, mobile and secure. It’s time for security to add value, both for the service providers and for the end users.

Trust root in Finland – global network to serve you locally

MePIN / Meontrust Inc was founded in mid 2010 to make peoples’ online lives easier and more secure. During the years we have grown to an international company, having customers and partners all around the world.

The MePIN solution is provided as a service or as an on-premise deployment. Our cloud service is a globally distributed, providing high availability 24/7/365. To support local deployments we have a network of systems integrator partners. If you want to partner with us and provide more value to your customers, please contact us at partners@meontrust.com.

The Team

The MePIN team’s experience is taken from the online security, web and mobile application sectors, as well as working with world-class online services both in small start-ups and multi-national corporations.

If you share our passion to make things easy and secure online, then drop us a line at jobs@meontrust.com.

The Board of Directors

Markku MehtäläMarkku Mehtälä
Markku is the CEO and Founder of Meontrust, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the field of IT and information security. He has been involved in mobile technologies since the early days of WAP in the late 90’s. Before founding MePIN he held Director positions in SafeNet Inc and SafeNet acquired Beep Science AS.
William LattinWilliam Lattin
Bill is the Managing Director of SecureField, an information security consulting practice. Mr. Lattin has over 25 years of experience in the field of information security and applied cryptography covering both commercial and government areas. He was previously the co-founder and vice president of Cylink Corporation and the Chief Technology Officer of Certicom Corp.

In addition, the Board of Directors includes representatives of our investors.

The Investors

MePIN is funded by angel and seed investors from USA, Hong Kong and Finland, and supported by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. The investors include VisionPlus and Vendep Startup Fund.

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